After the anti-cheat announcement, VRChat has been review bombed

VRChat is being utterly nuked on Steam after the developer announced that it would add Easy Anti-Cheat to the game.

The mod was quietly integrated into the beta game on July 25, and a blog post is pinning its introduction to mods. Modifying the game’s client has violated terms of service for some time, but it is generally accepted as a part of VRChat. Vanilla games can be slow and lack accessibility features. Mods often make up the difference.

VRChat Inc. now says that malicious mods are “responsible for a huge amount of problems both for our team and our users,” which is why they have decided to implement EAC. The most problematic issue has been using mods to crash servers or PCs by turds. However, hackers can sometimes exploit mods. EAC is not a panacea. The blog post focuses on mod debugging as a “burden” that can have a chilling effect on VRChat creators.

VRChat users aren’t buying all the doom, however. They took Steam to destroy the game’s “mostly favorable” reviews score. A ResetEra post outlines many of the problems EAC’s implementation causes for a large part of VRChat’s members. Many players have expressed concern about the effect this will have on those who rely on modded accessibility features such as speech-to-text and the ability to open menus from VR mode while lying down.

The ResetErapost states that the community came together to support the platform and created mods for clients. These mods solve many of the game’s problems and add features. VRChat allows mods to be added to the ToS. However, Mods are not allowed as they help the community grow and protect the game. Steam reviewed that adding EAC was “not beneficial for the innocent users and modders who are ‘wholesome’ and quality-of-life modders.” At the same time, another stated, “This decision does not help anyone and harms many.”

The whole thing looks like a dumpster fire when the beta’s only been live for a few hours and players have managed to bypass anti-cheat. I tried to peek into Discord to see what was going on, but Discord is currently on fire with hundreds of players venting their frustrations across the channels.

The game has received over 10,000 negative reviews as of this writing. I am currently putting together this report. However, it’s still early. Who knows if there will be a significant backlash. But for now, the game seems to have settled on the anti-cheat.

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