Gigabyte starts seeding its X670E motherboards

A few weeks are left before AMD’s Ryzen series 7000 series launches. The motherboards appear to be in the final stages of BIOS development. Overclockers are receiving the first samples for feedback and testing.

@SkatterBencher, a well-known and respected overclocker, was surprised by a pleasant surprise on a sunny day. Unexpectedly, he received a Gigabyte X670E Master. You can see the link to the product page, which is already online. This is not surprising, considering we are still a few weeks away from the launch.

The X670E Aorus Master seems powerful and feature-rich. Aorus Master boards are known for their premium features, but they lack the top-end features you will only find on more expensive boards.

Gigabyte’s finned heatsinks cool the 16-phase 105A digital VRM. This gives them a large surface area. It has dual PCIe 5.0M.2 slots, many USB ports, WiFi 6E, and a 2.5G LAN.

This is the last step manufacturers must take before releasing a retail product. I am a retired overclocker. It is a simple idea that overclockers can poke around in BIOS and report any performance or bugs they find. This gives engineers the time to adjust the BIOS for retail release.

Manufacturers love to give extreme overclockers the time they need to break world records. Good PR is always a good idea! Even though they may not be of any practical use, extreme OC results can still be very interesting. Information such as the expectations for memory overclocking can also be expected. Infinity Fabric can run at a maximum speed of 6GHz in 1:1 mode. Is Ryzen 7000 capable of reaching 6GHz with air cooling or water cooling? Which core? These questions are answered daily by Overclockers so that you can be certain.

Zen 4 is close to release. MSI made the big announcement by posting on Weibo (since deleted) that the Zen 4 launch was set for September 15. AMD’s first new platform in more than five years since the Ryzen 1000 series was released in 2017. The AM5 platform marks AMD’s first major overhaul in the past five years. To run the Ryzen 7000 series CPU, users will require a new motherboard and DDR5 RAM.

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