Madden 23 PC doesn’t have its most important new feature

Madden NFL 23, which you can pre-purchase via Steam, is not the same Madden 23 available for the PS5 or Xbox Series X/S. It is equivalent to the version released for the Xbox One and last-gen PS4 consoles. The PC version will not include Madden 23’s main feature, “FieldSense”, a “physics-informed animation system.

EA says FieldSense is a significant addition to Madden 23. It affects all Madden 23 play modes. EA claims that FieldSense allows you to “change the outcome until it is over”, with more than 3,500 motion-captured moves. This technology allows for a “skill-based pass” system, 360-degree cut controls, “a suite of new wide receiver release moves, and defensive back counter presses mechanics.”

While I don’t pretend to be an expert on defensive back counter media mechanics, trademarked sports features like “FieldSense” sometimes add less fun to the experience than they do to the impression you’re getting more than a roster update. But if the PS5 has these defensive back counter presses mechanics, then I want them. I don’t know of any Windows 11 counter-press mechanic compatibility issues that would make installing them on a PC impossible.

Madden 22’s PC version was also the last-gen console edition, so it’s not surprising that Madden is trailing EA’s more foot-centric football game. FIFA 22 was also portable to PC via the last-gen console port, but EA announced recently that FIFA 23 would be available on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. According to the publisher, future Madden PC releases could follow this example.

“We have a passionate Madden player community on PC,” “and our development team must ensure that the PC version of Madden is comparable to the future’s PS5 or Xbox Series X/S editions.”

Although it does not guarantee that Madden 24 will be released on a PC, I take the comment as a positive sign. We’re FieldSenseless and can now buy Madden NFL 23 for $60 on our PC instead of the $70 for the PS5 or Xbox Series X/S versions. The $10 discount isn’t all that satisfying considering that $60 was the usual price for console games of this budget until recently.

For me, it’s the principle. That principle is Everything I want. It’s not as complex or animated as Madden 23’s PC edition, making it less appealing. I would probably feel the same way even if FieldSense made the game more difficult. I did not get into PC gaming to have the best experience. I got into it because it has Everything I need without compromises.

Madden 23 will be available on all platforms starting August 18. Waiting until EA Sports sells the current version is a bad idea. Chris recently showed that Football Simulator also has advanced physics.

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