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Bungie and Cheat Maker Battle Over “Destiny 2” Hacks

Bungie and Cheat Maker Battle Over "Destiny 2" Hacks

Bungie and Cheat Maker Battle Over “Destiny 2” Hacks

AimJunkies is a website that offers cheats for many multiplayer games, including PUBG: Battlegrounds and Battlefield V. It also previously offered Destiny 2 cheats. Eurogamer reports that AimJunkies has prepared a series of subpoenas (writs commanding people to appear in court) in retaliation against Bungie. Bungie had previously accused the site of copyright infringement for its cheats. Bungie also accused Phoenix Digital Group, the alleged developers of the software, of doing the same thing.

TorrentFreak claims that cheating isn’t illegal and that the in-game overlays provided by the cheat software look similar to the ones Steam provides. They are preparing subpoenas to find Destiny2 player numbers from Valve and to help Google and PayPal track down anyone who has violated their terms of service.

Bungie claims we have created derivative works and shows images from a competitor’s site claiming that they are our software products. “We believe that OUR offering of software products was just doing what Steam does with overlays,” Phoenix Digital Group stated in a press release. (via TorrentFreak). We believe the Steam overlay and similar products are original works.

They continued, “Bungie also claims we caused grievous damage to their game,” In reality, their most successful months of player count and sales were during AimJunkies’ time selling their software products. We believe that they are lying, and we will prove it.

Bungie and Cheat Maker Battle Over “Destiny 2” Hacks
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