The Becoming Canon Character Pairing is a Fan Favorite Destiny2 Favorite.

The Becoming Canon Character Pairing is a Fan Favorite Destiny2 Favorite.

The Becoming Canon Character Pairing is a Fan Favorite Destiny2 Favorite.

The Becoming Canon Character Pairing is a Fan Favorite Destiny2 Favorite.

Destiny2has seen many character-defining moments in the past few years. These include Crow’s growth and his role as a defender of the city, Saladin’s willingness to assume responsibility and join Caiatl’s war council, and Ghost’s speech to Savathun about “this far and nothing further” at the end of Witch King. Season of Plunder’s canonization of one of Destiny2’s most memorable character pairings is the best. More than Zavala, Caiatl and Saint-14. In shipping terms, I am referring to Drifter and Eris — Drifters.

Since Season of Arrivals, destiny 2players enjoy Eris Morn’s and the Drifter’s banter. They worked together to understand Stasis Beyond Light and were looking to form a sort of Dark Vanguard with Elsie Bray. However, that never happened. Since then, we have seen snippets of their interactions as they are among the most respected experts on Darkness. Drifter refers to Eris as “Moondust,” while she refers to him as “Rat.” There were memes and jokes about the Guardian’s strange aunt and uncle. This contrasted with Zavala and Ikora’s parental role. Drifters allow you to do more. You can stay with Drifter or Eris and eat Count Chocula as breakfast, play violent computer games, and delve into ancient Hive magical.

Season of the Haunted didn’t feature Drifter in any significant role, but we could see a bit of lore where he made soup for Eris at Savathun’s ThroneWorld. At the end of the season, Eris sent Drifter a message. She told him about her past and said she found peace helping others heal. She adds that she might be able to desire more than peace… Or joy. “May I find that again?” This, for me, established the Drifteris-Drifteris relationship as a factual event, but Season of Plunder took things one step further.

In this week’s post-mission radio conversation, Drifter gives Eris the Darkness the relics we have collected so far as a gift. In chapter three of “Between Stolen Stars,” Drifter tells us about a meeting between them. Eris questions Drifter about his motives for helping the Guardian, the Eliksni and is surprised to find that he was evasive. He finally admits that House Light needs a win. Drifter again offers Eris the Darkness Relics, and Eris asks him if he believes her. He replies with a simple statement: “Who would?” She tells him to be quiet while he explains the potential utility of the relics. Good, God!

Why is Drifteris so captivating? Drifter and Eris have deep wounds that have seen them through the worst of the Destiny universe. Eris was part of the doomed fire team trying to eliminate Crota. She saw her closest friends die and had her Light taken away. Drifter was born during the Dark Ages and witnessed firsthand the worst cruelty humans could inflict upon one another. They are the only characters who genuinely understand what they have been through and have developed strong defences against being too close to others. They are a natural match, and shippers love two wounded people trusting each other.

Season of Plunder offers a welcome change from Haunted’s heavy tone, which dealt with trauma and recovery. We have delved into dark places and now have a silly and hilarious pirate adventure. The Drifters connection gives Season of Plunder a character angle. It’s a nice contrast to the swashbuckling antics. I’m curious to see how it evolves. Yes, this story is about Mithrax’s background (sorry, Misraaks, but I’m human and can’t pronounce it correctly), but my heart wants everything to go well for these two crazy children.


The Becoming Canon Character Pairing is a Fan Favorite Destiny2 Favorite.
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